Making friends with the bajarenque


Sitting here looking out the living room window as the bajarenque(fine mist)  gently blows in.  This happens just about every day and I love the feel of it on my skin.  Everything is so green this time of year.  It rains once or twice a day, clears up to gorgeous sunny weather, rinse and repeat.  A minute ago I could see the volcano.  Now I can barely see my fence in the front yard.

Dennis is in Panama City helping our friend pack up his belongings.  The plan was for Claude to move into the back house and help us with repairs.  But you know the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.”  Claude was offered a job he couldn’t refuse working in Ft. McMurry, Canada in the province of Alberta.  When you think of this place, think cold and then think colder.  Ice Road Trucker cold.  Claude leaves next week sometime, so his time with us was very short.  Looks like he will be gone for a year or more as a supervisor on a project which extracts oil from tarsand.
 So he sold us his car (that worked out great for us…a nice little Suzuki Grand Vitara, nicely broke in, and easy to get repaired if necessary.  Now for switching the title from Panama City to Chiriqui (our province) along with getting our passports stamped with a  driving privilege stamp and applying for Panamanian driver’s licences.  Thank goodness for Cowboy Dave, the local guy, who handles this kind of stuff so you don’t have to make endless trips to PC.
 He also unloaded a ton of stuff on us (tools, bedding, kitchen goodies)  I just shed my possessions and voila, incoming.  All very much appreciated though.
Dennis and Claude managed to get a lot accomplished in 3 days.  They worked on the water system, fixing pumps, flushing out sediment and algae and installing filters.  They also got the hot water heater working.  (Just a note…we have an on demand hot water heater about the size of a pkg. of twin sheets.  Amazing.)  After 3 days of freezing showers,  I was a happy camper with my new water heater.  Cleaned out gutters, scraped moss from the patio, steps, and walkway.  Sadly, the leaks in the little house are a bigger fix, and will require a new roof when the rainy season ends, somewhere around mid November I think.  We anticipated a few little hiccups, so this isn’t anything unexpected.  Seeing as Claude won’t be moving in, it’s on the back burner till November.  We are focusing our efforts on the main house, and everything looks great here.  Cleaned house yesterday, and set up my wonderful DoTerra diffuser, compliments of Deb, to offset the musty odor, from being closed up for so long. A nice little mix of Purify and Breathe. About the only thing to do here is fix an ugly spot in my closet and paint inside.  Larry, our very nice neighbor, already loaned us his ladder, which is a good thing, as the ceiling is at least 20 ft. at the highest point.  Very cool, but very very high.
Feeling pretty good about everything here. A few little “What the heck am I doing here?” moments, but then a quiet peace settles in and I smile. Meeting neighbors, finding my way around the Do-It Center, coffee, yoga and meditation in the morning, a little birdwatching and so my day begins. CHOP WOOD, CARRY WATER.   

About Rona True

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rona and I live here in Boquete, with my husband, Dennis. I've been keeping an online 'journal' of our adventure moving to Panama as a way to stay in touch with friends. As the universe is wont to do, my path crossed with some serious bloggers who have been encouraging me to step it up a bit with my technology, and so here I am; a novice blogger with a penchant for the spiritual path. Panama is a perfect place to recover the pieces I left along the way as I raised a family, had a career in teaching, and generally followed the 'responsible' road. I travel a new road now and each day brings a new awareness. Panama is a land which brings the senses alive. The culture, warmth of its people, sights and sounds are the stimulus for my journey. Without my incredible husband, this would not be possible. We breathe the same air on this adventure and I invite you to come along for the ride.
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