On the medicine way trail

Just got back from a great little herb walk way up in the cloud forest of Boquete this morning.  Volunteered to drive a group up the ever so windy road to Finca Luz for an early morning guided talk on the native plants and herbs of the area.  Diane and Elizabeth have lived here for the past 12 years and it is obvious what a labor of love this place is.  There was so much to take in and the views are breathtaking.  I hope to go back again and maybe learn a little more about their practices in preparing their tinctures.  I’ve taken some pics and will try and label them appropriately, but there was so much information, I am sure I’ve mixed a few up and so I apologize ahead of time.  Most of you won’t know the difference anyway as I haven’t seen them growing in North Idaho, except maybe the lichen and the rose hips.  Still, I will try and be accurate.
Wrestling with a tummy ache today, so chewing on  healing leaves while walking the medicine way trail was so perfect.  ‘WHAT IS A WEED? A PLANT WHOSE VIRTUES HAVE NEVER BEEN DISCOVERED.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ngoble children get treated to a holiday event at San Francisco Plaza
Guaco – snakebite cure,  bronchitis, colds & allergies
Usnea – old man’s beard – tonic, blood purifier, cleans kidneys, uti’s, circulatory, & anti-bacterial
walking the medicine way trail
red bananas – birds love them
rose hips & gotu kola
green house
some people make Ayahuasca (hallucinogen)
view from the Finca
water plants – natural filters
ice cold fresh water spring
finishing up the tour with homemade goodies
Christmas on the Finca
muscle testing for gluten intolerance

About Rona True

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rona and I live here in Boquete, with my husband, Dennis. I've been keeping an online 'journal' of our adventure moving to Panama as a way to stay in touch with friends. As the universe is wont to do, my path crossed with some serious bloggers who have been encouraging me to step it up a bit with my technology, and so here I am; a novice blogger with a penchant for the spiritual path. Panama is a perfect place to recover the pieces I left along the way as I raised a family, had a career in teaching, and generally followed the 'responsible' road. I travel a new road now and each day brings a new awareness. Panama is a land which brings the senses alive. The culture, warmth of its people, sights and sounds are the stimulus for my journey. Without my incredible husband, this would not be possible. We breathe the same air on this adventure and I invite you to come along for the ride.
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