Musical Interludes

I never know what theme is going to pop up for me when I sit down to write this blog, but today the music poured in, like sunshine, all around me and I knew that was where I had to start. The internet is filled with the sad news of the passing of Pete Seeger.  I remember listening to Pete back in the 60’s when I was a much younger version of myself marching in DC against the Viet Nam War and at about the same time, speaking out for civil rights in my hometown of Englewood, New Jersey, a hotbed of racial intolerance and rioting.  His voice was  instrumental in setting me on a path of non-violence and an advocate for those who didn’t have a voice. I remember being very scared as tear gas was thrown into the streets where I marched and thinking that there are things more important than my fear.  It was a turning point for me, and Pete Seeger was a face and voice of kindness and strength, hope and determination that the world does change when we stand together for what’s right. I’ve spoken before about my goals for 2014 and living in Panama.  One is to learn an instrument and another is to nurture my artistic side, which I know is hiding somewhere inside of me.  2 days ago, a new friend, left his guitar for me to take care of while he is in the states, so now I’m ready to learn how to play a bit.  Thanks John.  I promised him a concert when he and his wife, Margo return in a few months.  Hoping to find some basic info on YouTube to get me started. I’ve been taking some mini art classes here and there and have dabbled in Zentangle and most recently, a jewelry class to learn how to do Peyote spiral beading.  I found myself very frustrated, but have been practicing all week to get the technique down and am slowly making some headway.  But the really great news is that I was chatting with Gladys while she cut my hair (she whacked it all off and it feels great)  She did all the paintings in her shop and is taking an art class once a week above the bomberos (fire department) and invited me to join.  Not only that, the class is a wonderful mix of Panamanian and ex-pats so I get to practice my Spanish at the same time, which as you know, is a huge goal I have for myself.  I am so excited to start and get my hands dirty. Bought my tickets today for the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival today and am looking forward to the energy of having all these wonderful global musicians come to our little town to perform.  There will be parades and garden parties, all night jams at the many restaurants in town, and even a musical workshop/mini academy for the young people.  We have friends coming in from Bocas Del Toro to stay with us and it’s going to be a very exciting time.  Last year there was an amazing girl with dreadlocks who played a wicked clarinet.  I hope she comes back. Took another beach day last week and went to Las Olas Beach Resort.  This time, we went in style as I bought a coupon from OfertaSimple, which is like Groupon.  We stayed at a gorgeous resort with friends.  A highlight of the trip was an early morning walk along the dunes in a turtle nesting wildlife sanctuary (not nesting season however) but still lovely and serene with birds everywhere.  The other highlight was discovering a cranberry and vodka drink in a can which must have some nutritional value, right?  There’s something very relaxing about floating around a pool with your preferred beverage in hand, surrounded by friends, and listening to the shore pound and rustling palm trees.  Hold that thought as you dig out your cars this week. (I love you guys.) 2 more ceilings are in.  We are still plugging along with housie things.  Today Tomas will arrive to recharge the fridge in back and I will get yet another Spanish lesson.  Pienso qu necesitamos una valvula asociar al refrigadora. (I think we need a valve to attach to the refrigerator.) “WE WILL LOVE OR WE WILL PERISH. WE WILL LEARN THE RAINBOW TO CHERISH. DARE TO STRUGGLE, DARE TO DANGER. DARE TO TOUCH THE HAND OF A STRANGER. from the song ‘We Will Love or We Will Perish.’ Pete Seeger

Almost done
Finally found Olga’s, best breakfast in Boquete
Las Olas Beach Resort
View from our room
Come on in
What do you mean we have to check out?
Waiting for our fresh fish dinner
So tasty
Beach transport
walking off dinner
walking back from the restaurant
Las Olas sunset
Bird checking himself out in the glass
Getting ready for morning hike
Beach shack
They look like apples, but I don’t think I’ll try one.
Dennis looks for the Perfect Wave
Hawk grabs a tasty crab for breakfast
Don’t come any closer
Hair be gone
The last piece

About Rona True

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rona and I live here in Boquete, with my husband, Dennis. I've been keeping an online 'journal' of our adventure moving to Panama as a way to stay in touch with friends. As the universe is wont to do, my path crossed with some serious bloggers who have been encouraging me to step it up a bit with my technology, and so here I am; a novice blogger with a penchant for the spiritual path. Panama is a perfect place to recover the pieces I left along the way as I raised a family, had a career in teaching, and generally followed the 'responsible' road. I travel a new road now and each day brings a new awareness. Panama is a land which brings the senses alive. The culture, warmth of its people, sights and sounds are the stimulus for my journey. Without my incredible husband, this would not be possible. We breathe the same air on this adventure and I invite you to come along for the ride.
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2 Responses to Musical Interludes

  1. Dennis True says:

    Another fine blog. You are awesome.

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