It’s a roll of the dice

She’s baaaaack!  After a long hiatus of non-writing, I am back from our vacation to Idaho.  We had a slight diversion through Las Vegas, but arrived home safe and sound, proving to us that we still have it in us to go without sleep for more than 24 hours.   I have so many pics to process and wade through, but couldn’t wait to get this post out and say what a wonderful time we had visiting friends and family.  We managed to squeeze in a whole lotta loving and visiting in 1 short month.  Thanks to our dear friends, Tom and Marie Flanagan, we stayed in style at their beautiful home in Post Falls.

Tom and Marie prepare another delicious meal for us.

Tom and Marie prepare another delicious meal for us.

bbq at our old house.  We're just visitors now.

bbq at our old house. We’re just visitors now.

After the obligatory taxes, doctor appts., and legal mumbo jumbo, we got down to the business of seeing all our dear friends.


My pinochle gang..Pat, Peggy, Carolyn, Marguerite, Marie, and Coleen

Renee and I check out McKuen Park

Renee and I check out McKuen Park


Dining at Moontime with my besties…Ellen, Rosie, MaryLynn, DonaFay, Donna, Kathleen, and Anna. My sisters of the heart.

Deb, Dona Fay and Moni say cheese (and wine) for the camera

Deb, Dona Fay and Moni say cheese (and wine) for the camera


Coleen, Marie, and I check out the PF flea market.  Somehow we managed to get the guys to go too.

Coleen, Marie, and I check out the PF flea market. Somehow we managed to get the guys to go too.

This took us to the far shores of the Pacific Northwest where we visited Lake Chelan, traveled through the Cascades where I got my last romp in the snow, visited a winery, and then over to Whatcom County (I love to say that) and the Bellingham  area.  Several of our visits included friends we met here in Boquete, who happened to be there at the same time as us.  Love the universe when this happens.


Anyone up for a snowball fight?


Visiting our Washington friends…They promise to visit.

We also got to go camping in one of our favorite spots on the Coeur d’Alene River and hang out with the family.  Zac and our grandson,  Caleb and Zac’s new girlfriend, Britney, along with her 3 spirited daughters made for a fun time not to be forgotten.  The month flew by, and now we’re back in the saddle working on the house.


My kind of fishing


Isabella, Carmen, moi, Boo, Britney, Abby, the dog, Zac and Dennis at English Point


hiking Round Lake with Caleb


I have to share an excellent talk I went to yesterday at Tuesday Market. I am hoping that the new Tuesday talks coordinator brings more speakers of this nature.   Shanna Covey, author of ‘A Call to the Heart’ shared a heartfelt talk on shifting out of ego into spirit.

This is not an easy topic to cover, much less in 1 hour, but she did a respectable job of it.  I found this such a good reminder on how our ego holds us back from becoming more authentic, whether through fear, guilt, blame,  or shame.  Life holds daily lessons to master ego and find ways to reveal our connection to spirit.  So today, as always, I am grateful for all the opportunities living here in Panama provides me.


About Rona True

Welcome to my blog. My name is Rona and I live here in Boquete, with my husband, Dennis. I've been keeping an online 'journal' of our adventure moving to Panama as a way to stay in touch with friends. As the universe is wont to do, my path crossed with some serious bloggers who have been encouraging me to step it up a bit with my technology, and so here I am; a novice blogger with a penchant for the spiritual path. Panama is a perfect place to recover the pieces I left along the way as I raised a family, had a career in teaching, and generally followed the 'responsible' road. I travel a new road now and each day brings a new awareness. Panama is a land which brings the senses alive. The culture, warmth of its people, sights and sounds are the stimulus for my journey. Without my incredible husband, this would not be possible. We breathe the same air on this adventure and I invite you to come along for the ride.
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8 Responses to It’s a roll of the dice

  1. Chris Power says:

    Hi Rona, I love your blog and have missed it while you were vacationing in Idaho. I know Tom & Marie were great hosts and I loved seeing the pictures! I want to go visit them myself this summer. Also, would love to venture to Panama some time and experience your town and lifestyle. I don’t see myself retiring in the US but have to travel a bit to see what suits me. Unfortunately, I am still working full time. The selling of properties and downsizing is still overwhelming to me, but I know it needs to be done at some point. I’ll look forward to your next posts.

    Love you guys,

    Chris Power

    • Rona True says:

      Hola Chris.
      Thanks for the kind words. I know when the time is right, it will all fall into place for you. As they say here, poco y poco. Little by little, you will get there. How is the leg these days? Hugs to you.

  2. Hola Rona! So glad to see youve ventured out and gotten your blog going on WP! I love it!! Keep up the good work!! Cheers Mi Amiga! 🙂

  3. Great pics! It looks like you had a really good time. It’s nice to have you back in Panama though 🙂
    PS The blog looks great on your new platform. I hope it works well for you

  4. Bobbie Buchanan says:

    Hi Rona. It’s Bobbie. I don’t know if you know that I have moved to San Diego to live with Jill and her family. I have a small apartment attached to her home and am very comfy. I really love small cozy places. I adore my granddaughter Kiersten, named after her aunt of course. Jill is about to have a baby (a boy) in early September.

    I have been following your and Dennis’ life. It’s very exciting but the two of you have done this kind of thing before when you moved to Idaho many years ago. You have a sense of adventure for sure.

    Would love to come see you two sometime. I do some traveling every year. Just returned from a trip with my friend Sherry to the UK for over two weeks. We rented a car and criss crossed the country from southern England to the top of Scotland putting more than 2000 miles on the car.

    Looking forward to reading your post about life in the tropics. Say hi to Dennis for me.

    Take care
    Love, bobbie

    • Rona True says:

      Hi Bobbie. I knew you were back in Cali, but didn’t know you wee at Jill’s. Lucky you to be so close to your grand babies. Think of you often. Come visit anytime. Casita in the back is waiting for you.

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